Justin Cooksey

This is the beginings of this site utilising GatsbyJS.

While I am learning parts of GatsbyJS as well as expanding knowledge on ReactJS, I am not following through somone tutorial and simply pasting things in from that. I want to work on this to understand how these frameworks operate. As such it has been, and will be, a little jumpy as I don't follow a set path through setting up this site as I would if I followed through someones tutorial.

At present I have a fairly basic blog/thoughts/articles system operational, as well as a landing page. All of the pages have very little styling at this point, which certainly needs to be worked on. I also need to get some content up, expecially in the about page. I've also got options to discover on things such as styling where I'm exploring:

I've currently used the following plugins:

  • gatsby-plugin-react-helmet for correct SEO elements on the pages
  • gatsby-plugin-react-helmet-canonical-urls to make pages cannonical for this site. The source site.
  • gatsby-plugin-styled-components for styling
  • gatsby-plugin-mdx to manage the Markdown files to be used as post content
  • gatsby-remark-vscode to have any Markdown code blocks styled to look like vscode screenshots
  • gatsby-plugin-feed to create RSS feed data to allow sharing via feeds
  • gatsby-plugin-sitemap to screate sitemap files
  • gatsby-plugin-robots-txt to create robots.txt files
  • gatsby-plugin-offline & gatsby-plugin-manifest to make the site a Progressive Web App
  • gatsby-plugin-netlify-cms suppoprt for Netlify CMS system to allow online creation of blog entries

Still a long way to go.

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