About Justin Cooksey

I'm a Father, Developer, and Network DevOps Engineer!

With over 28 years of experience in the MSP industry, I have worked with a team to design, build, and maintain a VMware system that holds over 400 servers. As a DevOps engineer, I develop code to help manage and maintain our systems, leveraging tools such as Netbox, Ansible, and LogicMonitor. My coding interests lie in the areas of data analytics and collection, as well as home automation and IoT, where I have a particular focus on using Home Assistant as a platform.

Currently working on

Continued Learning ... everything 🤣


What else

Connect with me:

justincooksey.com jscooksey | Dev jscooksey | Twitter jscooksey| LinkedIn Mastodon

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Languages and Tools I use

Python Pandas Flask Django SQLAlchemy

JavaScript Node.js React Gatsby

HTML5 CSS3 Tailwind CSS Sass

PostreSQL MySQL SQLite Microsft SQL MongoDB GraphQL

Git GitHub Visual Studio Code Docker Ansible